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The company:

Understand to innovate. It is based on this concept that we develop personalized strategies, aiming the improvement of performance of the internal processes of our clients. Innovate to evolve.
Launched in 2001, throughout the years, Innovation has specialized in managing processes, identifying the necessities of each client, creating SAGI (Innovation Self Management Software), a tool which has been developed by the IT area of Innovation, detaining state of the art technology, and integrating and linking flexibly with other platforms, allowing the development of solutions that make processes safe, efficient, transparent and self-contained.


Aiming the provision of alternatives and reliable and efficient solutions for the market, Innovation has developed its first differentiated product, the management of short term collection, acting right after the identification of default, based on a new concept, denominated “Support Cell”, which is a dedicated team, with infrastructure and state of the art technology to act in accordance with the rules, policies and guidelines of each client.
As time went by, and with a bigger involvement with the business of the clients, Innovation has created specific services with suited the demands of each client.